FourthIR Limited

Our best in class research training, seminars and webinars will equip you and your teams in effective research and use of software such as SPSS, Stata, E-views and NVivo

Data Collection & Analysis

We offer a wide range of data collection and analysis services including qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Research Dissemination

Research reports, stakeholder engagements and journal article publication support to ensure your research reaches the target audience.

Your Research & Development Partner

Work with us to solve all your research and development challenges. We offer tailor made research lessons, data collection and analysis services and research dissemination services. Find out more here.

Activities we have counducted

  • Bookkeeping for your small business - Watch webinar here

  • Corporate governance and the auditor - Watch here

  • How effective governance can help nations solve the debt overhang problem - Listen to the podcast here

  • Data Analysis using SPSS (27th to 31st Oct, 2022) Contact us for more

Upcoming events

  • Analysis of Zambia's 2023 National Budget (Contact us for more)

  • Podcast series (Visit this page for updates)

  • Training (Basic Excel) (Contact us for more)

These are slides from the Research Proposal writing webinar conducted by FourthIR in 2021. They showcase the depth of coverage that the oustanding researcher gives to attendees.

These are delivered in an engaging format with a focus on societal challenges and professional research considerations.